A dragon’s memory: the birth, recording and filming of Tempest

Dragons have excellent hearing and vision. We are lucky guys with extraordinary senses. Even our passion for drinking spirits which gives us fire-breathing abilities, doesn’t hinder our senses. But I am old. I am so old that I can remember Merlin. The real Merlin, not the guy from a BBC series. Sometimes late at night, when my wings and bones are aching, I like to relax on the beach near Durdle Door and enjoy the sounds of nature. I hear lapping of the waves, noise of the wind and music of the cities. If you remember I said that I have good hearing. I hear different songs and I can switch from one melody to another. It’s like drifting on radio-waves. In one click I can hear Bob Marley’s song covered by a teenage boy, the next moment I hear the horrible bassy hip-hop in a taxi. One flip and I can hear another song. Lonely housewife in the kitchen sings Björk. It’s busy today at The Cellar Bar. The sound seems exciting. There’s an evening of live alternative music. A tiny stage vibrates under the pressure of the drums. You know, dragons love rock music. It has the same beat as our hearts.

Five Minutes Left, Whole lifetime of waiting.
I just can’t promise that I’ll survive
Five minutes left, I see angels fading,
I just can’t tell you how i survived!

Hey, I know this song! The song was recently recorded at the Freestyle. It’s funny that these guys called themselves «Manhattan Dragon». Such irony! Considering the fact that a real dragon is watching them. Come on, what else can old dragon with smoke stagnation in the lungs do, but watch.

For a few weeks they worked on a new song «Tempest». After, they headed to Mark, the owner of “Freestyle studio”. A superb arrangement is made by sound engineer Dave. Tempest was born like all other songs, naturally the riff came first.

«I wrote a riff. This piece seems pretty good». – Bassist Sam announced to the band.
Everyone was interested.
Sounds really good! The riff was energetic and catchy. Even for a dragon’s brain.
Sunnie, the singer of Manhattan Dragon purred a melody for the future song.
«So, what do you think»?
«Cool! I already know what this song will be about». – Neil joined the conversation. Neil is the guitarist of the band. He drifted away from reality to some writing lyrics. Later Grish, the drummer, spiced everything up with his percussion.

Tempest was born!

Once on a rehearsal they started to talk about video for Tempest.

«Something simple, but stylish». – Sunnie proposed
«Conrad had invited us to perform at the Chaplins on Friday. The atmosphere is great in there! Let’s make a video of us gigging» – Someone suggested
«It’s possible!» – Neil agreed and invited his friend Muhebur from Marsifilm to do the filming.

Theres no question,
I’m stuck in a perfect situation
Theres no reason
The angels are pushing us again
And i’ll go round
This endless merry go round
And I can’t stop it
When it stops I will fall off.

Hmm, looks like it’s fun out there. Shall I visit Cellar Bar this evening? I’m kind of a fan of «Manhattan Dragon»